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 Item / Object Mods

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PostSubject: Item / Object Mods   Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:26 am

Mods for weapons, armour, vehicles, decorations etc (oh and misc stuff)

* wurstkniftes Bookmod: Adds read- and writeable books and bookshelves for them

* Grappling Hook: A deliciously imbalanced multi-purpose device. It launches a straight-flying hook.

* Airplanes: Adds the ability to both craft and fly a biplane.

* FancyPack Furniture and Decorations Pack: Adds a wide variety of furniture, decorations and other items for interior decoration.

* Airship: This mod adds balloons and airships.

* Mo' Foods: This modification adds more fruits, vegetables, drinks, and baking items into Minecraft.
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Item / Object Mods
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